Discover the decorative rain gutter accessories you never knew existed!

Let’s update your “curb appeal” while improving the exterior of your home and increasing the value of your property. 

A Wide Range of Decorative Rain Gutter Accessories You’ll Come to Love!

Who knew that there were so many different accessories you could choose from when it came to your gutters?

I mean, when you think of gutters on a house don’t you usually think of the white aluminum gutters connected to your roof? Then, of course, you have the plain downspout that moves the water down and away from the foundation of your home. 

Finally at the bottom of the downspout you have the splash guard that makes sure the water runs away from the foundation of your home. All these things are needed for your home but what if instead of the plain white gutters you spruce it up with the look and feel that you want for your home?

Who knows, you may just become the envy of your neighbors! 

Now I know there are a lot of rain gutter accessories out there that you need for your gutters. Especially if you are doing DIY gutter systems and need certain accessories to finish the job. However, this site is really geared towards those that want their home to make a statement with decorative items for the gutters. 

Being a wife to a home inspector I know the importance of having gutters on your home but it wasn’t until I really started researching that I found so many cute and creative ways to spruce it up. 

That’s what you’ll find throughout the pages here. Fun, creative, and highly informative content that will help you create the curb appeal and garden area you’ve always dreamed about. 

Rain Chains

This is THE place to go when you are tired of the old boring downspouts and you want to replace them with something that is unique, artsy and functional all at the same time.

Rain Chains are a great alternative to the downspouts we are all used to. Besides being a beautiful addition to your curb appeal they also soothe your soul as the rain is pouring down.

Of course, Rain Chains have been widely used in Japan for years. Mostly used for decoration and the tranquil sound it gives off, but it’s become so popular that many have found ways to conserve water and create the soothing sounds of a waterfall by putting basins at the bottom of the rain chain.

No more sounds of gushing water…just a soothing lullaby of water cascading down each of these chains.

Rain Chains come in all sorts of different styles as well as material. From Copper Rain Chains to Brass and Aluminum Rain Chains you have a huge selection to choose from.

Rain Gutter Accessories

Watch a Rain Chain in Action

CAUTION: May relax you to the point you fall asleep.

Downspout Extensions

When I first started researching rain chains years ago I found these cute, unique statues that you can connect to your downspout to give it character.

Instead of just having the same old white downspout and splash pad, you can now choose from dozens of different designs and animals.

There are literally hundreds of these types of extensions for the downspout that you can choose from. 

Splash Blocks

There are three main elements to a gutter system, the gutter itself, the downspout, the downspout extension and then the splash block. 

The Splash block is what channels the rain water from the downspout away from the foundation of your home. If you do not have the extension along with a splash block you are running a high risk of having erosion around your home. 

Since these blocks are a necessity you might as well get yourself a decorative one. 😉

FCMP Outdoor Rain Catcher 4000 Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels

Save on your water and electricity bill while watering your garden with fresh uncontaminated water that falls from the sky. 

Did you know that one inch of rain on a 1000-square-foot roof generates about 600 gallons of water? To figure out how fast you can fill up your rain barrel simply multiply the square footage of your roof by 600, then divide by 1000. 

Majority of barrels on the market are about 55 gallons so a decent rain will fill your rain barrel up pretty darn quickly. 

You’ll have rain water in no time that you can start using for your garden, your lawn, flowers and even clean the cars. This is probably one accessory you didn’t even think. I know I hadn’t. 

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”