Heirloom Rain Chain

Rain Chain Info

Rain Chain Heirloom Cup

Name: Heirloom Rain Chain
Material: Pure Copper(Best Material for a Rain Chain)
Rain Chain Style: Cups
Length of Rain Chain: 4 x 4 x 102 inches
Adjustable?: YES

Super Easy to Install and you can use Rain Barrels or Rain Chain Basins to collect water at the end of the rain chain

This Heirloom Rain Chain is absolutely beautiful with its ultra-modern square cups attached to diamond shape links. Made out of heavy-duty pure copper this rain chain will give you years of soothing sounds and spectacular views as it catches the water and moves it down the chain.

If you have a contemporary or classic home, these would add a beautiful touch to it and be the talk of your neighbors.

Are you a fan of the Heirloom Rain Chain?

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