Kitty and Frog Downspout Extension

Decorative Downspout Extension Info

Kitty and the Frog

Name: Kitty and Frog
Material: Resin
Item Dimensions: 9″H x 6-1/4″L x 7-1/4″W
Weight: 3.5 lbs

I have to be honest…I’ve never seen a Kitty play with a frog unless it was about to pounce on it. I think that’s why I like this extension so much because it’s not something you normally would see. Plus, I’m a dreamer and would love to see all people and animals get along. One day I believe I will but until then this precious depiction of these two animals getting along will have to do.

I love the curiosity of both of them but what I love more is the fact that this playful statue works to keep any rain water that comes through that gutter and downspout away from the foundation of your home. That’s always a big plus in my book.

Can’t get enough of this adorable Kitty and Frog?

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