Copper Bell Rain Chain

Rain Chain Info

Stanwood Copper rain chain

Name: Copper Bell Rain Chain
Material: Pure Copper
Rain Chain Style: Cups
Length of Rain Chain: 72 x 3.45 x 3.45 inches
Adjustable?: YES

Super Easy to Install and you can use Rain Barrels or Rain Chain Basins to collect water at the end of the rain chain

This Pure Copper Ship Bell Rain Chain is definitely for all water enthusiasts. Whether a ship bell was used for safety in foggy conditions, to signal watch times for those manning the helm, navigating, trimming sails and keeping a lookout or was being engraved with the ships name on it…Ship Bells are beautiful and have such a distinct sound, much like these rain chains that mimic those bells that on the ships.

This would be a great gift idea for those that have been in the military on ships or those that love sailing or just love Ship Bells.

Are you a fan of Ship Bells?

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