What are the Best Rain Barrels on the Market

Best Rain Barrel on the Market

The best rain barrel for me may not be the best rain barrel for you. There are so many factors to take into consideration.

I actually did a pretty extensive post on how to pick the right rain barrel for you that you might want to check out before laying down the money for one.

For me, since I’m so new to all this rain harvesting, I knew I wanted a barrel that could water the garden yet would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I was looking for basically a decorative rain barrel that could hold at least 50 gallons and wanted to keep the price to somewhere under $100.

We shall see if that happens. lol

So, what I’ve done is separated the rain barrels according to price points, then within that price point which one had the highest rating. Out of those, I narrowed it down to the barrels that fit my needs.

When looking at these rain barrels keep in mind that you can add a DIY Rain Barrel Diverter Kit as well as a barrel base to add more function to them. 

One last thing before you check out these rain barrels…take the time to read the reviews, the questions that have already been answered and do your own research as well. 

I’ve tried to add as much information as I can on these rain barrels but you may have further questions that can be answered on the product review pages. 

Shop Rain Barrels by Price/Gallons:

Rain Barrels Under $100 (Up to 50 Gallons)
Rain Barrels Between $100-$200 (50 Gal. – 58 Gal.)

Best Rated Rain Barrels Under $100 (40-Gallons - 50 Gallons)

RTS Home Accents 50 Gallon Rain Barrel