Does Your City Offer A Rain Barrel Rebate Program?

Rain Barrel Rebate Program?

Have you heard of a rain barrel rebate program? I found out about this a little time back and have been meaning to share the information with you. However, there is one problem… 

The rain barrel rebate programs are specific to some agencies and cities. Their rules, guidelines, and policies vary. So, make sure to check all the information and verify it from the agencies operating in your city. 

Also, make sure that it is not against the law in your state to use rain barrels to collect water. 

So, let us start…

What is a rain barrel rebate program, anyway?

Many cities and water agencies offer a rain barrel rebate program. With constantly unpredictable weather conditions, it has become necessary to conserve water. And, in many cities, most people are inclined to try water conservation. 

The goal of water conservation is:

  • Collecting rainwater and stormwater
  • Storing the collected water for future use

Using the stored water for irrigation, gardening and cleaning, washing, etc.

Water conservation is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Effective
  • Necessary 

Therefore, many cities are taking the initiative to help the residents store their water. And, the best (as well as the cheapest) way to do that is to use rain barrels.

Why rain barrels?

  • They are cheap.
  • They are easy to use.

Rain barrels are simple, and anyone can use them easily. Homeowners can use them without any complication or experience and use them or rainwater harvesting.

Who is eligible for a rain barrel rebate program?

If your city has a rain barrel rebate program, any resident can be eligible. However, water agencies also play an important role in determining eligibility.

For instance:

If your city is running a rebate program through an agency, you must be their customer to avail of the chance. The guidelines vary from agency to agency. However, most water agencies look at:

  • Valid account at the company
  • Paid bills regularly in the past months

Other rules for the rain barrel rebate program?

There may be other conditions specific to your city and the water agency you are using. But the most common ones I have found everywhere are…

  1. The barrel must be manufactured and sold as a rain barrel. This excludes converted trash cans, food barrels or other kinds of containers from the rain barrel rebate program.
  2. Some agencies may work with specific manufacturers or brands. In that case, you can apply for reimbursement.
  3. As the purchaser and owner, you will be responsible for transporting, installing and maintain the rain barrel. These expenses will not be covered by the rebate program.
  4. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure the rain barrels are in compliance with HOA requirements.
  5. Your property must already have rain gutters and downspouts. The rain gutter system should be properly fitted through the entire parameters of the roof.
  6. Most rain barrel rebate programs will require you to cover and screen the rain barrels. This is important to avoid mosquitoes and contamination through animal excrements.
  7. Likewise, you may also need to use an overhead spigot with mosquito screens.

The rules and guidelines vary, and it is very important to read them before buying rain barrels.

How much do you get paid by the rain barrel rebate program?

The rebate price for rain barrels starts at $35. For one water service address, homeowners can apply for two rain barrels at most.

For the rain barrels, you can choose any size between 55 gallons to 199 gallons.

However, if you are also using a cistern, don’t include that in the same application. Cistern rebate programs work individually. If you mention cisterns on your rain barrel rebate application, you will get disqualified.

To avoid getting disqualified, you must read the guidelines carefully. Also, it is better to read the guidelines and confirm your qualification before buying the rain barrel.

Does your City offer a Rain Barrel Rebate Program?

You can learn more about the rain barrel rebate program in your city by clicking here. This is by far the most extensive rundown of various rain barrel rebate programs in different cities and states.

Wrapping up…

Collecting rainwater and stormwater is very important to avoid pollutants. Moreover, by reusing this water, homeowners can minimize the amount of water flowing into drains, sewer systems, and local waterbodies.

The water that you collect in rain barrels is naturally ‘soft’ and free of chemicals and pollutants. Therefore, it is much better for both plants and microbes residing in the soil.

Due to these advantages, water agencies encourage people to use rain barrels. The rain barrel rebate program is one such initiative. If you are interested in learning more about this, use the link above.

Rain Barrel Rebate Program?

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