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Gutter Leaf Guard

One of things that my husband, who is a home inspector here in Florida, sees all the time are dirty rain gutters filled with leaves. 

Cleaning your rain gutters and keeping them unclogged is an essential part of home ownership and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

One of the best preventative measures you can take to keep those gutters clean is installing one of the rain gutter accessories…a gutter leaf guard.

This guard is like a screen that lays in the gutter and keeps debris and leaves out of it while still allowing the water to flow down the downspout and away from your home.

While removing the never-ending debris and decaying leaves from your rain gutters, if you ever wished there was a way to guard your gutters against leaves and debris, then Gutter Guards are your weapon of choice. By installing a leaf gutter guard, you can eliminate the chances of getting your rain gutters clogged.

What is a Gutter Leaf Guard?

A gutter leaf guard is a piece that is attached to the gutter. It prevents unwanted materials like leaves, twigs, and debris from entering the gutters. By preventing the leaves and debris from entering the rain gutters, they guard your gutters against leaves.

It also will prevent birds from building nests in your gutters.

In simple words, a gutter guard provides a shield to stop any kind of foreign things from entering the rain gutters.

Do Gutter Guards Work?

Yes, leaf guards are very effective in keeping your rain gutters free of leaves and debris. This means the gutters can stay cleaner for longer, and you won’t have to spend time and energy in cleaning the rain gutters frequently.

The leaf guards provide a shield that stops the unwanted objects from entering the gutters. This way, the gutters won’t get clogged and can fully drain the rainwater down.

What is the average cost of a Leaf Gutter Guard?

The cost of the leaf gutter guard depends on the type of gutter guard used and the linear area of the gutter.

Mesh guards and Screen guards are very cheap and cost between $1 to $5 per linear feet. While the reverse curve may be a little expensive.

However, if you are looking for professionally installed gutter guards then they can be very expensive. For a house of 200 linear feet of gutter, the cost will be $1500 to $2000.

What to Look for When Buying a Leaf Guard?


If you are looking for contractor-grade leaf gutter guards, they may cost a lot. Moreover, they will require a professional installation that will add to the cost of getting guards.


If you need gutter leaf guards, your contractor may help you in getting installed for you. Or, you can call a professional installer.

In both ways, you will end up paying a lot. If you are looking for an affordable DIY solution, then we have got some great options for you.


Make sure that you get the right size guard for your gutter. Measure the width of the gutter-top edge to edge. Most gutters come in 4”, 5” and 6” widths.

Gutter Types:

Most gutters are in K-style. The simple DIY leaf gutter guards are perfectly suited for K-type gutters.

Types of Leaf Gutter Guards:

There are three main types of Gutter Leaf Guards in the market:

  1. Screen Gutter Guards
  2. Mesh Gutter Guards
  3. Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

Screen Gutter Guards:

Screen Gutter GuardThe screen guards are wire or plastic grid guards that can be slipped under the roof shingles. They are very easy to install.

To install:

  • Lift the bottom row of your roof shingles.
  • Slide the edge of the screen beneath it.

Depending on your roof shingles, you may or, may not need tools for installing them. The weight of the shingle holds the gutter leaf guard in place.

However, consult your roof manufacturer company first, as lifting the shingle for installing a gutter guard may void your roof warranty.



Affordable- Around $1 per foot

Effective to guard your gutter against leaves

Very easy to install

May fall from heavy winds.

The screen may become brittle and break with time

Mesh Gutter Guards

These are either made of plastic or metal mesh and can guard the gutter against leaves, twigs, and debris. They are affordable and easy to install.

To install:

Use one of the three ways to install

  • Lift roof shingle and slip underneath.
  • Snap it directly on the top of the gutter.
  • Attach the flange to the fascia.

Affordable-cost between $1 to $5 per ft, depending on the type.

Are available in plastic and metal.

Strain all unwanted things from water.

The mesh may need cleaning frequently.

Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

Reverse curve leaf guard gutters are made of molded plastic or lightweight metal. They are very durable as compared to the other types of gutter guards. In a reverse curve gutter guard, the water flows over the top and then detours around a downward curve. It then goes down into the gutter.

It can guard the gutter against leaves and other unwanted objects by blocking their passage.

To install:

To work properly, they need to be installed with the right angle as the slope of the roof.


Very durable

Available in many colors

Effectively keeps leaves and debris out

May seem expensive-costs $4-$6

Installation is not so easy

May require a professional to fully install

With any Leaf Guard you purchase for your gutters you will have to clean them occasionally. Making sure that pine needles and seeds from nearby trees haven’t blown into the gutter. 

These guards will definitely cut down on having to clean your gutters so frequently but every year you really should check your entire home thoroughly.

Speaking about cleaning those gutters, if you haven’t already head over and read my post on how to clean the rain gutters.

Which gutter guard seems to go with your unique needs? Or which do you already own?

Do share in the comments.

Until the next post…

Keep decorating those gutters!


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