My Love for Rain Barrels

My Love for Rain Barrels

My Love for Rain Barrels started early…and I didn’t even know it. lol

I have to share a story and picture with you that is absolutely hilarious as well as one that I have such fond memories of.

As an adult, a homeowner, and someone who wants to learn more about gardening, prepping, and water harvesting I’m really intrigued by rain barrels and how they work. Not just because of all the wonderful benefits they provide but also, I’m very visual and I want to have a beautiful garden that I can enjoy.

As a child, on the other hand, a rain barrel was nothing more to me than a wonderful thing I could use to cool me off in the summer months and was a great racing tool.

My love for rain barrels

You see this picture right here. If you look really close, behind this little girl in the rain barrel you’ll notice a swimming pool in the neighbor’s backyard. Well, it gets hot during the summer months and my Dad came home with 3 empty pickle barrels, which now I know them as rain barrels, for us to fill up with water and play in.

I know you might be thinking how in the world can it be filled up when there are holes at both ends? I’m getting to that part I promise. There used to be only the top hole until…

As my dad tells the story to me, he was out in the garden and this little blonde hair girl, that would be me, was playing in the barrel with the water filled to the rim. He turns to the garden, pulls a few weeds, and turns back around to notice that he can’t see my head anymore. He stands there for a few more seconds and just as he is about to race to the barrel I come up for air.

Needless to say, Dad quickly took all three of those barrels and cut the bottom out of each of them.

Boy was I upset. As a little girl watching the neighbors play in their pool every day I was so excited to have a little pool of my own. So when Dad cut those barrels I really was devastated and couldn’t understand.

But this little girl right here, she doesn’t let anything stop her from having fun. She started looking at the barrels in a different light and started using them for gymnastics. The kids in the neighborhood would come over and we would hold races to see who could walk across the yard on them the fastest.

Or we would get in the barrels and have a friend roll us across the yard and whoever got to the fence first won.

Oh, those were the good ol’ days.

Of course, now that I’m older I am sitting behind a computer writing to you about rain gutters, rain chains,
what the best rain barrels on the market are, all while dreaming of those glorious days. lol

If only my Dad had known about rain barrels back then, he could have watered his entire garden and the backyard with all the rainwater.

So you see, my love for rain barrels really did start when I was younger, I just didn’t know it till now. <3

What about you? Do you have a fun story to tell about when you were younger? Or how about how your love for rain barrels came to be?

Be Blessed,


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