4 Top Creative Rain Chain Drainage Ideas

Rain Chain Basin and Drainage Ideas

Hey there my Rain Chain Enthusiast!

Think you have a huge selection of rain chains to choose from?

Well, guess what?

There are just as many different rain chain drainage ideas you’ll need to choose from also. 🙂

I’m actually in the process right now of choosing between a rain barrel and one of the basins that I really like. Of course, as I was typing this all out and doing more research I actually think I found something else.

Take a look at #3 and tell me what you think?

I’m realizing there are just so many different cool ideas for what to do with the rainwater once it flows down the chain.

This is such a hard decision! Lol

It really all comes down to your style and what you like. Another thing to consider is how long is your rain chain, where is it located and what sort of curb appeal do you want to portray.

There are 4 different types of drainage ideas that you can use for your rain chains: (the first 2 would be considered basins)

  1. Copper Basin
  2. Rocks/Stones
  3. Outdoor Water Garden
  4. Rain Barrels

1. Copper Rain Chain Basin

The copper basins are very versatile and will add more flair to your copper rain chain if that’s what you have. Majority of the copper basins are shaped like a bowl or dish and sit on the ground or on a stand.

They can double as a rain basin as well as a birdbath so keep that in mind. 😉

Keep in mind when buying a copper rain chain or the basin…it changes color over time! It’s very normal to start having spots show up after a few weeks and after months it changes to a natural patina.

This has actually happened to my copper rain chains but I love the patina look that it has now.

If you do go with the copper basin I would suggest you place some stones at the bottom of it to keep it from swaying in the wind. Unless you have secured it to the ground another way, rain chains will move all around when it’s windy and if it’s attached to the basin and not secure I would hate to see what would happen.

Copper Rain Chain Basin

2. River Rock or Stones

I’ll never forget taking a trip to Tennessee and right outside the bedroom was a balcony. Under the balcony was this river where the water was cascading over those huge river rocks, making the sound that instantly calms your soul.

I can only imagine what it would sound like if you were to have these river rocks or stones under your rain chain.
The sound alone would have you praying for rain every single day.

I’ve seen people do a very decorative rock landscape right under the rain chain and then others will actually use the copper basin or even a clay pot to put the rocks in there as well.

Whatever your imagination can see, or whatever idea you find online, the possibilities for using rocks/stones as a drainage system is almost limitless.

Rain Chain stone drainage

3. Outdoor Water Garden

I had never even heard about an outdoor water garden until I started researching rain chains.

This is just another great idea for those that love gardening, water and creating something beautiful.

In case you’re like me and hadn’t heard about this wonderful garden, it can be an elaborate planting in and around a pond, or something simple in a watertight container.

This garden can be as simple as some plants that thrive in water to all sorts of fish swimming around. You can dig in the ground to make it or use a container like a wooden wine barrel and fill that up.

Either way, this is such a creative way to catch the water from your rain chains. I can guarantee you one thing…you will be the talk of the neighbors if you go with an outdoor water garden.

Here’s a picture of a simple one that has the rain chain hanging above it.

Is that not the coolest way to catch rainwater?

I think I might have to switch from a rain barrel or basin to this garden idea.

We shall see!

Rain Chain Drainage water garden

4. Rain Barrels

Now the Rain Barrel is something that I have been really looking into and researching. Not just because of the cool decorative rain barrels, there are to choose from (there really are pretty cool ones) but because I am looking to conserve water and lower my water bill.

My husband and I have been trying to grow different trees and plants for a while now and we are using much more water than we use too.

In doing all this research I realized that a rain barrel is not just for decoration but can be used to water the garden, wash cars, plus help to reduce runoff pollution. I’d say a rain barrel is a win, win situation.

I do live in Florida so that’s a good thing because some states don’t let you conserve rainwater so be sure to check out which states don’t allow it.

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Creative Rain Chain Basin Ideas

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