Did You Know Rain Barrels Help Stop Pollution?

Stop Pollution

On average a roof gathers 600 gallons of water with every inch of rain. Startling, right? And, by allowing us to save rainwater and stormwater, the rain barrels help in freshwater conservation.

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In today’s article, we will learn more about how rain barrels help in stopping pollution.

Rain barrels—Quick recap…

Rain barrels are available in different sizes and capacities. The most common ones range from 30-gallons to 100-gallons in capacity. They are a cheap way to conserve rainwater or stormwater, and then consume it as required.

Using a rain barrel is very easy. However, keeping it clean can be a challenge. There are many benefits of rain barrels. You can use them to save water and use it for watering the garden or edibles.

Moreover, you can also use rain barrels to form an independent self-growing garden.  

Rain barrels– Simple and effective to stop pollution…

rain barrels are the perfect solution for helping our planet. They help us on so many levels including…

  1. Saving money on municipal water bills
  2. Reducing erosion
  3. Reducing flooding 
  4. Reduce stormwater runoff

So, rain barrels don’t just benefit you, they are also great for our environment. Let us take a deeper look at this.

1. Saving freshwater and fish habitat

In heavy rains or storms, the runoff water carries soil, fertilizers, pesticides, oil, contaminants, etc. This water goes into lakes, streams and other water bodies. 

These contaminants can pollute the water and alter the habitat for fish.

By storing this water in rain barrels, you can avoid it flowing over more surfaces and gathering more pollutants. Therefore, rain barrels minimize the level of contaminants and pollutants in this water.

2. Water conservation and saving bills

During the summers, garden and lawn irrigation consumes more than 40% of residential water. Rain barrels can help in reserving water and reducing the use of residential water for irrigation purposes.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, residents can save more than 1300 gallons of freshwater by using water from the rain barrels in the harvest seasons.

With 1 inch of rain, you can fill 100 to 110 gallons of water depending on the capacity of the rain barrel. By using and connecting more rain barrels, you can maximize water conservation.

This water can be used for irrigation. In most cases, the rain barrel water is suitable for watering even edible plants. As a result, you can save money on your water bills. Moreover, you can also help the city by taking some pressure off of its residential water resources.

3. Better nourishment for the soil and plants

The water that we normally use for gardening and irrigation is chemically treated. It contains ions and fluoride compounds. Over time, these compounds and ions start accumulating in the soil. They can harm the roots of plants as well as small living creatures living under the soil.

Rainwater doesn’t contain these chemicals and is, therefore, better for the plants. Moreover, you can use the rain barrel water for cleaning the salt build-up on the soil. This helps in the nourishment of plants (including roots and microorganisms residing in the soil).

4. Promoting a healthy environment in urban areas

In urban and suburban areas, stormwater pollution is a major concern. Since, there are solid surfaces like paved roads, parking lots and sidewalks, therefore, the water cannot go back into the soil.

This infiltered water then causes flooding and travels through more areas collecting more contaminants, pollutants, and chemicals. In the end, it reaches a local water body or storm sewer system.

By collecting this water in the rain barrels, people can avoid flooding and contamination. Moreover, the collected water in the rain barrels can be sued for irrigation. Otherwise, it can be released on intervals, so it can be absorbed by the soil.

Therefore, the rain barrels help in containing the stormwater and then using it for planting or gardening. Most importantly, it avoids water reservoir contamination.

rain barrels stop pollution

Last words…

There are many benefits of using rain barrels for homeowners. But you can also help your planet by reducing the pollution that the stormwater causes. 

Rain barrels can stop pollution. Using them can be your way of saving the environment while saving money.

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