5 Best Rain Chains that Work even in Heavy Rain (Buying Guide Included)

Best Rain Chains for Heavy Rain

When I started doing my research on rain chains, I quickly realized I needed one that does well in heavy rain or torential downpours. After all, I live in Florida and we get rain every single afternoon during the summer months. 

For the purpose of this post I really wanted you to get a sense of the many rain chains that are available for you that will work great in heavy rain.

I’m also including a buying guide to help you choose the perfect rain chain for your needs and style.

From Star ratings, best reviews, different styles and number of cups, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

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How do they Work?
Are Rain Chains Effective in Heavy Rain?
Using Downspouts With Your Rain Chains
Highest Rated Rain Chains
Buying Guide

How do Rain Chains Work?

A rain chain does exactly what a regular downspout does. It controls the flow of rainwater and directs it from the roof to the ground. 

You can use it to channel the water away and protect the foundations of your house.

You can also use it to gather the water in a rain barrel. Some rain chains have a catch basin at the end to collect water. You can also use a regular container with them.

Are Rain Chains Effective in Heavy Rain & Winds?

If you are wondering whether rain chains can work in heavy rain and wind, here is what you need to know:

Heavy Winds: Rain chains are not as effective in heavy winds. Unlike downspouts, they don’t have the support of walls. Therefore, they can be flimsy in heavy winds.

Heavy Rains: If your area gets thunderstorms or heavy rains very frequently, rain chains may not be as effective as downspouts.

Using Downspouts With Your Rain Chains in Heavy Rain

A good quality rain chain can handle heavy rains once in a while. But if it rains heavy very frequently or your area is always getting thunderstorms, it is a good idea to use both rain chains and downspouts. 

You can install rain chains in the areas where you want to use the aesthetic benefit. And, then use downspouts on all the other sides.

This way the bulk of the rainwater will go down the downspouts.

Therefore, I would recommend this as the best solution.

Use a combination of gutter downspouts and best performing rain chains for heavy rain. In this way, you can have a great gutter system and enjoy the benefits of both chains and downspouts.

Top 5 Highest Rated Rain Chains

Let us now take a look at some of the highest rated chains in the market. These include some of my tried and tested ones as well as some with great reviews.


Material: Pure Copper
Length: 8 1/2 Feet
Number of Cups: 14
Style: Rain Chain Cup

What you will like about this:

  • Pure copper
  • Available in Aluminium as well
  • Large-size cups
  • Great for areas with heavy rain
  • Easy to install and adjust

Monarch is a popular brand known for providing premium quality rain chains. This particular rain chain is a beautiful assembly of 14 large-sized cups. Each cup is 3. 5″ in height and has a width of 4″.

The bottom of the cup has an opening of 2″ diameter which transports a larger quantity of rain water from cup to cup.

The cups are sturdy and due to their large size cause very little splashing. Monarch makes exquisitely-designed, handcrafted rain chains.

Moreover, the rain chain has a standard length of 8.5 feet. This includes the

Marrgon Copper Rain Chain

2. Marrgon Copper Rain Chain


Material: Pure Copper
Length: 8 1/2 Feet
Number of Cups: 12
Style: Rain Chain Cups & Rain Chain Links