Rain Chain Styles

When looking into all the Rain Chains and seeing the different ones I could choose from I was actually overwhelmed.

I had no idea what rain chain to buy so I went on a hunt for the perfect gutter accessory for our home. 

What I found out was that there are 3 main styles you can choose from these rain chains. You have the cups, the links and the black modern chains. 

Of course, once I decided on the style then came the hard part…choosing between all the beautiful designs within that style.

STYLE 1 ~ Rain Chain Cups

These cups come in small, medium or large. They have all sorts of different designs so it really depends on what you are looking for.

From Butterfly Rain Chains and square cups to Lilly Flowers and wood cups, it’s all about your taste.

I will say that for the Florida rain that we get here I would go with the big cups. The smaller ones tend to splash more because of the torrential downpours that we experience here.

The bigger cups hold more water at a time so there is less splashing and more of a waterfall going on.

butterfly cup style

STYLE 2 ~ Rain Chain Links

Rain Chain Links are actually what the Japanese used in their homes to capture the rain for their household chores and such.

This simple yet elegant style has different materials to choose from as well as the different rings that are offered. They have links that come in copper, aluminum, and black powder coating.

A few people note that the links guide the water down the chain without the splashing that you get from the cups.

This is something to keep in mind when choosing the rain chain that is right for you.

Rain Chain Link Style

STYLE 3 ~ Modern Rain Chains

Upgrade Your Gutter System With These Black Modern Rain Chains. Enjoy getting compliments from your neighbors and those who admire these beautiful chains. 

This style has really made an entrance with its sleek black powder-coated chains, clean lines, polished metal, and just a very artistic look and feel.

Black Modern Style Rain Chain

Of course after you choose which style of rain chain you want you’ll want to then figure out the drainage idea for your rain chain you want to have.

Is there a style you like more than the other? I leaned toward the cups and got me a ship bell rain chain within the cup styles.

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