The Most Common Mistakes Made When Installing Your Own Gutter

Common Mistake Installing Gutters

When you’re installing your own gutters at home, it is quite tempting to skip hiring an expert and save a few bucks. However, DIY gutter installation can be quite tricky. If a gutter gets damaged, you may end up losing more money in replacing it!

In this blog post, I have made a comprehensive list of the 5 most common DIY gutter installation mistakes that rookies make. If you keep an eye out for these common issues, you can save quite a few bucks…and headaches. 

Without further ado, let’s talk about the most common mistakes people make when installing rain gutters:

  1. Choosing the Wrong Gutter Location

The most common mistake you can make while installing your own gutters is to choose the wrong location. 

Many people place the gutter on the roof’s edge as rainwater runs off the roof edge. However, this is not a good idea. Why? You may ask. 

Well, this is because water is pulled back up to the underside of the roof. That’s why it is better to place your gutter a few inches under the roof. This will also ensure proper drainage during rainy seasons. 

  1. Improper Hanger Spacing

Another common gutter installation mistake is to leave less hanger spacing. Hangers are used to give a proper lift and support to the gutter. So, they must be spaced very carefully. Otherwise, the gutters will sag from the improper spacing. A sagging gutter can ruin the home as the water overflows from it. 

Therefore, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s spacing guidelines carefully. This simple tip can save you from a lot of hassles in the future.

  1. Injury

Not many people will think about personal safety when they are installing a gutter. The first and foremost concern is to ensure that you don’t end up hurting yourself. You will be working at a great height after all. So, make sure that you have someone nearby in case you need help. 

  1. Choosing the Wrong Type of Gutter

This mistake is so overrated. Yet, many people will end up doing it during the DIY gutter installation. When you are installing your gutter, make sure that you have purchased the right type. You should do your research before you purchase it. 

Factors like the pitch of the roof, size of your house, and amount of rainfall are important to consider. For example, if your area has a lot of rainfall, you must choose a gutter accordingly. 

Furthermore, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Many people will consider aluminum as their first choice. This is because aluminum is cost-effective, rust-resistant, lightweight, and also quite easy to install. 

Copper is also a popular choice if you are looking for extra durability and long-term use. The only drawback is the hefty price tag. 

You might also want to choose galvanized steel to protect from rust. Rust makes the gutters brittle. So, a zinc galvanization will prevent that. You can also choose galvanized steel. It is coated with a layer of both zinc and aluminum. This makes its lifespan at least ten times longer than galvanized steel. 

If you want your DIY gutter installation to go easy and smooth, you can choose a vinyl gutter instead. Vinyl might not be as durable as metal but its quite simple and easy to install. It’s also a great choice if you are looking for a cost-effective option. 

  1. Choosing the Wrong Gutter Size

Another mistake you might make while installing your gutter is to choose the wrong gutter size. The size depends upon the amount of rainfall in your area. You should also consider snow accumulation. 

If ice accumulation is a risk during cold weather, you can purchase a heated gutter system. This will melt the ice before it reaches the gutter. This may not directly affect your DIY gutter installation, but it is an important factor in the long term. If you don’t choose the right option now, your ice dams may form in the gutter. 

When in doubt, call the professionals! Here is my guide to help you choose the best local rain gutter company.

Here is a video to help you install rain gutters yourself:

Now you know the most common mistakes that you should avoid while installing your own gutters. By following these simple tips for DIY gutter installation, you can prevent many issues.

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