How To Install A Rain Chain In 8 Easy Steps

Installing a Rain Chain in 8 easy steps

You’ve ordered the perfect rain chain for your gutters, they’ve just arrived ready to be installed.

With these 8 easy steps, you can have your Rain Chains installed in no time.

You must have seen rain chains on homes in your neighborhood and wondered what they were, where to buy them and how in the world do you install them. These decorative add-ons are as functional as they are beautiful.

A rain chain is an elegant alternative to the traditional downspouts. Apart from being creatively beautiful, they can easily be attached to the gutters that you already have.

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Luckily for you, a rain chain can be as decorative as it is functional.

They can help you ensure that rainwater moves as far away from your home as possible. A rain chain can be the most stylish way you can replace the most traditional downspout.

For all my visual readers out there I found a great video that actually walks you through the process of how to install a rain chain.

Installing a Rain Chain where a previous Downspout use to be

Wondering why a Rain Chain Installation Kit is Essential when installing your Rain Chains, here’s why:

  1. Take a screwdriver and take out the screws from the old downspouts that you already have.
  2. You can easily set aside the old downspout and perhaps use it for something else. Make sure to remove them while wearing gloves. The edges of the traditional downspouts are a bit sharp. Gloves might prevent you from getting wounded.
  3. Take the 1/8 inch drill bit and the drill itself and start drilling two holes at the back of the gutter up to the fascia board. Make sure that the two holes are approximately even with the opening of the downspout.
  4. Using the screwdriver and the drill bits, carefully screw in each one. Make sure that you do not put in the screw very far because it might pull the gutters out of place. These screws can increase the weight that the gutter can hold. When it has too much water or too much snow, the screws can help hold all the weight.
  5. The prongs at the rain chain should then be pushed into the downspout opening. This will eventually mount your new rain chain into your gutter.
  6. The prongs should be spread strongly onto the gutters to hold your new rain chain in place.
  7. Let the rain chain fall down and when it does, secure it to the ground. You may use a wire or a rope to keep it directly into the drain.
  8. If the rain chain is a bit longer than you wanted it to, you may use metal snips to cut it off to the length you desire.

Rain chains can be directed into the drain where the water can be washed off or into a barrel where it can be saved for later use.

Apart from this functionality, rain chains produce a soothing sound as the water slowly drips through it.

Perhaps one of the best things about having that rain chain installed is that you never have to worry about debris getting stuck in the gutters anymore.

This installation may be one of the better home maintenance options you have ever chosen.

There are a couple of great ideas about how to install a rain chain and as to what type of chain can prove very useful. The choice will depend on what aesthetically suits your taste.

As to where the chains can be attached to the different rain chain drainage ideas, you can decide on those based on what would work best with your home.

At the end of the day, having rain chains installed means making the most for the efficiency of your home.

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