Leaking Gutters? 5 Common Reasons and How to Fix Them!

leaking gutters, how to repair leaking gutters

Why are my Rain Gutters Leaking & How to Repair Leaking Gutters?

Leaking gutters are ticking bombs. The small drips look harmless but may cause great havoc. It can ruin your siding or fascia. It can also cause flooding or damage the foundation of your house.

Therefore, it is never a good idea to ignore leaking gutters. Don’t worry, not every leakage is a big problem. There are a few problems in your rain gutters that you can fix yourself.

Before we talk about how to repair leaking gutters, let us learn how to find the reason behind the leakage.

Why are your Rain Gutters Leaking?

There can be many reasons behind the leakage. When it comes to finding the cause behind leaking gutters, I recommend calling a professional. Most reputable rain gutter companies will offer a free inspection and estimate.

The good news is that if the problem is a small one, they can fix it there and then. If the problem is something you can fix yourself, then that’s another great news. 

The most common reasons are:

  • Clogs
  • Damages
  • Leaking Joints
  • Sagging
  • Loose fasteners
leaking gutters, how to repair leaking gutters

Common Reason Behind Leaking Gutters & How to Fix Them?

Now, let us talk in detail about the reasons behind the leakage. We will also discuss how you can avoid or fix the problems.

1. Clog

A clog is the most common reason behind leaking gutters. When rainwater cascades down, it fills the rain gutters with leaves and debris. Over time, these can lead to a clog.

As a result of a clog, the water won’t flow out of the downspout. Instead, it will flow over the sides or even flow up.

Fortunately, it is easy to detect and fix. 

Clog in Rain Gutters

The clog in rain gutters is very easy to remove. The simplest and fastest method is to use your hands to get the debris out.

Clog in Downspouts

On the other hand, if the clog is in the downspout, disconnect it from the rain gutter. Then, you can clean it. Here are a few easy ways of gutter cleaning DIY.

To avoid the problem, I recommend using leaf gutter guards. It is also important to clean your rain gutters at least once a year.

2. Damages

Tough weather conditions can cause damages even in the toughest rain gutters. This brings us to the next reason behind leaking rain gutters.

If there are small holes and cracks in your rain gutter system, you will notice minor leakage. But, the small drips can grow bigger over time.

The simplest way to check any cracks is to pour water down the rain gutters. Mark the spots where the water leaks.

It is easy to fix the leaking gutters with damages. Simply apply a waterproof sealant over cracks and holes. You can also caulk the damaged spots.

However, if the cracks are bigger, you will have to replace the damaged section of the rain gutters.

3. Leaking Joints 

Joints are the points where sections of rain gutters meet. With time, the joints may show some leakage.

So, if you see a leakage close to the joint, check the area carefully. You may notice that joints have started separating at the points of leaks.

Here as well, if you don’t see the separation spot, pour water to detect the leakage.

You can fix the leaking joints in your rain gutters easily. To do this, simply remove the old sealant. And, replace it. This works when the sealant is no longer watertight and is causing leaks.

However, if the problem is bigger, you may have to replace the joints.

4. Sagging

When installing gutters, a slight slope is made to allow water to flow easily. With time, rain gutters can start sagging.

There are two main causes behind sagging:

  • Loose fasteners
  • Water weight/volume

To fix sagging gutters, you need to re-align and re-hang sagging sections. Sometimes, even the entire rain gutter needs fixing.

Therefore, for sagging gutters, I recommend calling professionals for help.

5. Loose Fasteners

Other than sagging, loose fasteners can cause other problems in gutters. And, as a result, you will get leaking gutters.

Fasteners are screws or nails that attach the gutters to the fascia boards. As they loosen over time, you will start experiencing small leaks. As a result, you will see water dripping from the rear of the rain gutters. It may also reach the fascia.

Proximity to the fascia can make the problem worse. If the fascia starts rotting, you may have to replace it as well as the gutters.

Depending on how far the damage has reached, you can fix the problem. In the best cases, you can tighten the fasteners to stop drips. Then, apply caulking (or sealant).

In other cases, you will have to replace the fasteners. And, in the worst cases, the fascia and the gutters will need fixing.

There are many reasons that can cause leaks and drips. If you are lucky, and you catch them at the right time, you may be able to fix them yourself. I hope these easy DIY fixes will help you in fixing your leaking gutters. 

When in doubt, call professionals. Don’t know how to choose the best local rain gutter companies? I have some tips for you here.

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