Repurpose Rain Gutters – 10 Creative Ways

Ideas for Repurpose Rain Gutters

Hello Fellow Rain Gutter Enthusiasts,

After writing some posts about keeping your rain gutters clean by installing a leaf guard, I figured it was time to get creative.

Today, I am going to share some really creative ways that you can use to repurpose your rain gutters.

Yep, I bet you never thought of that. Well guess what? I hadn’t either when I handed over my old rain gutters to my neighbor who made a rain gutter grow system out of it. 🙁 

I’m still kicking myself in the hind parts for doing that. Especially after writing this post and finding all these ideas.

The amount of things you can do with recycled gutters is crazy.

This has to be one of my favorite posts for this site. To find all these wonderful, creative ways to reuse a gutter was like walking in a candy store and being able to eat all the candy without gaining weight. lol

I love recycling things! But to be honest I hadn’t really tried DIY-ing with rain gutters. Now as an enthusiast I am always learning more and more about rain gutters and their accessories. And trust me you will be as surprised as I am when you take a look at these amazing gutter ideas to repurpose your rain gutters.

Repurpose those Rain Gutters, Y’all!

They are great, strong, durable and spacious pipes that can be used in so many ways. You can paint them, fix them, hang them and make cool things.

If you have some rain gutters to spare, you can either take them to a recycling center or repurpose them to make something awesome.

Are Vinyl Gutters Recyclable?

All rain gutters including the vinyl gutters are recyclable. Most recycling companies accept aluminum, copper and steel gutters. However, not all of them would accept vinyl rain gutters. Call ahead to know if the center accepts vinyl gutters or not.

Or, put your creative cap on and make something amazing using great gutter ideas.

What can you do with Old Gutters?

Well, a lot of things! So, let’s take a look at some of the creative ideas that you can use to repurpose those old rain gutters.

Make a Vertical Garden:

You can use repurpose rain gutters and use them to make a vertical garden. Cut a few pipes in equal length, three to four is the magic number! Make edgings from pieces of pipes or strong cardboard, or use end caps. Tie them together with a strong string or rope.

Fill it with soil and you are ready to plant your vertical garden.

You can use it as a compact kitchen garden or hang it from the balcony and make it your hanging garden.

Use a rain gutter to make a Vertical Garden 

Garden Edges:

I would have never thought of this but what an awesome idea that is sure to keep the weeds away from everything. 

Just dig down far enough, place your repurposed rain gutter in the ground and fill it with river rock or whatever you want to fill it with. 

Garden Edge with River Rock


Make shelves:

Rain gutters make excellent shelves. Repaint the shelves so they can go with the colors of your room. Then add end caps on both ends. You can paint them fix them to the wall and use them as shelves.

You can repurpose your rain gutters to make bookshelves in the kid’s room.

Book Shelves made out of a rain gutter

Organize your Crafts:

If you’re a crafter like I am, staying organized can sometimes be a challenge. With these ideas for recycling those rain gutters you’ll have that craft room organized in no time. 

Organize your Stamp Collection

Use rain gutters to store your crafts

Organize your ribbons

Ribbon storage

These can also be great for storing toiletries. Options are endless with these cool ideas.

Shoe Storage:

“I have enough shoe storage”, said nobody ever. You can use the rain gutter pipes to add shelves for shoe storage.

It works great for tennis shoes, dress shoes and even those stilettos ladies. 

Store your shoes in a repurposed rain gutter

Throw Party of the Year!

Yes, the so un-cool rain gutters can help you throw the coolest party with these awesome gutter ideas.

  1. Beer Cooler:

This is probably one of the coolest idea.

You can repurpose rain gutters and add them to your outdoor table.

Fill it with ice and put drinks in it every time you have guests over.

You can put the gutter on the tabletop or remove a plank from the mid of the table and fix the rain gutter to it.

Keep drinks cold with this cool rain gutter cooler

  1. Games:

Look at these amazing ideas to turn your backyard in the favorite gaming place for a kid’s party.

Sailboat race game with repurposed rain gutters

Hide the Wires:

There are many creative gutter ideas, and you can go as imaginative as you can.

Wires, cables don’t look pretty, and everyone wants to hire a mess.

Use the rain gutter as a shelf, just make sure the height is lower than your office/computer table. This way both the rain gutter and the wire-mess will stay hidden under the table.

Hide wires with a rain gutter under your desk

Where are my homesteaders?

Why not use that old gutter as a feeding trough for the animals?

Feeding Trough for animals

There you have it!

Were these not some of the coolest ideas? I’d love to hear about your ideas or things you’ve made out of your gutters in the comments below. 

Are you a fan of recycling? What’s your favorite idea for repurposing rain gutters?

To find these ideas and many more check out my Pinterest Board titled Repurposed Rain Gutters

Until then…

Stay Blessed!

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