What are the benefits of a Rain Chain Downspouts

Unique Benefits to Using Rain Chain Downspouts

Besides being Functional and Aesthetic, rain chain downspouts actually have quite a few benefits that you probably haven’t even thought about.

Besides being one of the most popular rain gutter accessories, they also have 7 benefits that come straight from the mouths of those people who have installed rain chains as well as professionals who work with gutter systems.


The Functional Benefits of Rain Chain Downspouts

1. Protect your home from water intrusion

protect house from water intrusionAs with any gutter downspout, the entire purpose is to keep water away from the foundation and the walls of your home. The rain comes off your roof into the gutter which then channels the water through your downspout and away from your home and the foundation.

Here in Florida, we get some really good rain storms and just having the rain chains is not enough to keep the rain away from the home. Just as regular downspouts have extensions your rain chains should have a basin, rain barrel or maybe even a fountain at the end of it. This way you will ensure the water stays away from the foundation and the walls of your home.

2. Helps to avoid clogged downspouts

Because of the way these rain chains are installed it helps cut down on clogged downspouts. If you think about it the regular downspouts that are installed on homes are basically a tube of sorts that carry the water from the roof to the gutter to the downspout. Well, what happens when leaves, pine needles, and debris get inside the gutter? It’s washed into the downspout and if there is too much at once it will become clogged.

With Rain chains, there is an opening that is left after you install the chains. This way if any leaves, pine needles or debris fall into the gutter the rain will cause it to go through that opening causing nothing to clog.

3. They are Earth Friendly

earth friendly rain barrelWhen you install your Rain Chains you have the ability to capture the water in many different ways such as a rain basin, birdbath, a fountain or even a large rain barrel. When you capture it in a rain barrel you can then use this water for household needs, watering your grass and garden or even filling up your pool.

In doing the research I found that many communities, especially up north are making their homeowners actually disconnect their downspouts from combined sewers and start using a rain barrel or rain garden to collect the water.

I guess if you’re being forced to disconnect your downspout you should just replace it with a rain chain and divert the water to the rain barrel or a fountain. 😉

4. Super easy installation

The installation of rain chains is so simple that even I could do it. Now I know you don’t know me but let’s just say that putting anything together I always seem to do it wrong or something always messes up. But with these rain chains, it was as simple as taking down the old downspout and adding the little hook that comes with them to the downspout attachment and that was it.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Rain Chain Downspouts

5. More attractive than regular downspouts

rain chains have great curb appealLet’s face it, those regular downspouts are not that great to look at unless of course, you have a decorative gutter downspout extension like this one. They serve their purpose and that’s it.

With Rain Chain downspouts you have a variety of different styles you can choose from such as cup styles or chain links. Even within these styles, you have so many different designs that you can choose from such as butterfly, lily and even fish cup rain chains.

6. They soothe the soul and are nice to look at and daydream

Something about the sound of a cascading waterfall always seems to put my mind at rest. I love the sound of rain anyway but the sound these rain chains put off are completely soothing,

Oh, and watching the water cascade from cup to cup can be quite mesmerizing and put you to sleep real quick.

Take a look for yourself…

7. Compliments the look of your garden

Let’s think outside the box for a moment. I know that these rain chains are primarily used as downspouts but what if you placed them in your garden creating an oasis with a soothing waterfall sound?

Did I just get your creative juices flowing and you’re already imagining where you can place the rain chains? Good because the possibilities are really endless as to where and how you use your Rain Chains.

As you can see there really are a lot of benefits to using Rain Chains. Which benefit won you over? Or do you still have questions maybe I can help answer?

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Also, if you want to add a benefit to this list, by all means, let me know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “What are the benefits of a Rain Chain Downspouts”

  1. I remember seeing rain chains for the first time on the west coast and wondering if they worked as well as gutters. They are beautiful.

    I’m in South Carolina. We get whopper storms here too. I enjoyed the video and so glad you included it with your article. It convinced me of the benefits of rain chain downspouts and how terrific they would look on my little 1940s bungalow.

    1. Audrey Ostoyic


      Oh yes they would look so good on your bungalow. I purchased the Ship Bell Rain Chains myself but here in Florida they don’t believe in gutters so I have to install a gutter system first then install my Rain Chain. I also want to put a barrel under it so I can use the rain to water my grass.
      Conserving that water and saving my money. Sounds pretty good to me. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. If you ever do get a rain chain I’d love to see it.

      Be Blessed,


  2. Living in New Mexico, we don’t have much use for a rain chain. Most homeowners use them for decorating purposes and for use in a birdbath. Our gutters become clogged with leaves during the winter and do not work to the full potential. I wonder if there is a way to have these custom made to fit one’s personality; that would be a neat idea

    1. Audrey Ostoyic

      Hi Calvin,

      That’s a great idea, having them custom made. I haven’t run across that yet but I will say there is definitely an assortment of different rain chains that you can choose from. I was surprised to see some butterfly and dragonfly rain chains when doing the research.

      Of course one of the things I’m going to be digging into is How to make your own Rain Chains, sort of a DIY Rain Chain section on the site. I think at that point then you would be able to make your own to fit your personality. 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it. 🙂

      Be Blessed,

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