Pelican Downspout Extension

Decorative Downspout Extension Info


Name: Splash the Pelican
Material: Quality Designer Resin
Item Dimensions: 6″W x 10″D x 14″H
Weight: 3 lbs

Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand, meticulously hand-painted and perfect for your home or garden!

Have you ever seen a Pelican dive into the water? I watched a video on YouTube that actually shows them flipping their bodies upside down seconds before hitting the water. It amazes me how they catch and eat their food with their long beak and large throat pouch. Did you know they drain the water from the scooped up contents before swallowing their prey? Pretty cool huh?

Kinda reminds me of Splash the Pelican here, he’s releasing the water from the downspout and making sure it stays away from the foundation of your home. The attention to detail on this downspout extension is quite impressive. Those who painted it must have had a very close up encounter with a Pelican or two.

Can’t get enough of this adorable Pelican?

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