Top Reasons Homeowners are Opting for Rain Chains Instead of Gutter Downspouts

rain chains instead of gutter downspouts

Rain chains attracted people with their unique designs and calming music. But as they are learning more about their functionality, homeowners are opting for rain chains instead of gutter downspouts.

Rain Chains– A little History

Rain chains aka kusari-doi have been used in Asia for centuries. Recently, they have gained popularity in the US. 

It seems hard to believe that these chiming chains could be more than decorative. However, over the years, we have found that rain chains are very effective. They direct the rainwater water away from your house and protect its foundations.

Therefore, rain chains are the right mix of beauty and functionality.

6 Reasons Homeowners are Choosing Rain Chains Instead of Gutter Downspouts

1. Rain Chains Add More Aesthetic Value

Unlike rain gutters, rain chains are super attractive. There are so many designs that it is hard to choose one (speaking from experience). 

You can get rain chains that are simple and sophisticated or buy ones that are delicate and decorative. Butterfly, dragonfly, hummingbirds, harmony, heirloom, lily cups, school bell, umbrella—the beautiful variety will amaze you!

Not a fan of copper colors, there are multi-colored rain chains too.

Most homeowners use rain chains to enhance your curb appeal and to ornate their garden with the perfect accessory. 

2. Rain Chains are Easy to Install

Installing a rain chain is pretty simple. You can do it yourself (I did). They are very easy to install with rain gutters. But if you don’t have rain gutters, you can still install rain chains by using this method.

When attaching a rain chain to a gutter, use a gutter slip. It will make sure that the rain chain stays attached to the gutter. However, if you think that your rain chains need extra support, you can anchor the end of the chain to a drain.

When you order a rain chain online, it will come with a gutter clip. Unlike rain gutters, you don’t need a pro to hang your rain chains, therefore, most homeowners are preferring rain chains instead of gutter spouts.

3. Rain Chains Don’t Clog and are Easy to Clean

Cleaning rain gutters is a tough task. It was one of the most dreaded chores until I found leaf guards and these simple and quick methods of cleaning gutters.

Still, what I (and other homeowners) love about the rain chains is that they are less likely to clog. The unique design of the rain chains ensures that the water flows down unhindered. At the same time, it doesn’t leave any space for debris or dead leaves.

Therefore, rain chains are much easier to amaintain than gutter downspouts.

4. Rain Chains Produce Beautiful Chiming Sounds

The first reason I bought rain chains wasn’t their beauty, but their music! Imagine an effective system of draining rainwater without sounding clunky. Now replace the clunky noise with soothing music.

When water flows down a rain chain, it creates beautiful music. You will feel like you are living in an oasis. Therefore, people buy rain chains instead of gutter downspouts. 

The calming sounds are great for everyone. They create a soothing aura for babies, kids, and adults. As a result, you will feel more relaxed and at peace.

5. Rain Chains Work Even in Heavy Rains

Rain chains are beautiful—Check!

They produce beautiful music—Check!

They are easy to install—Check!

Also, they are easy to clean—Check!

But do they really work??

YES!! They do!

And, that’s another reason why homeowners are opting for rain chains instead of rain gutters.

Rain chains are very effective in directing the rainwater away from your house. The design of the rain chain lets water cascade fast and easily.

Rain chains will help you protect the exterior of your house. 

You can also attach the free end of the rain chains above a rain barrel. This will allow you to store the rainwater. You can then use this rainwater for gardening and other purposes.

The most frequent question that people ask is if the rain chains work in heavy rain. Yes, and here you can learn more about the best rain chains that are ideal for heavy rains.

6. Rain Chains are Cheap

Lastly, they are very affordable. You can find high-quality rain chains under $50. Compared to them, the price of gutter downspouts starts from $1000 ($34 per linear foot).

Getting the same functionality at such a low price is a lucrative option.

There you have it! These are just some of the many reasons why homeowners are opting for rain chains instead of those plain white gutter downspouts.

rain chains instead of gutter downspouts

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