The Benefits of Rain Gutters and Why you Should Have Them

benefits of rain gutters

It is obvious that rain gutters are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of buying or building a house. But, most learned buyers, realtors and home inspectors are familiar with the many benefits of rain gutters. Therefore, rain gutters are very important for adding value to your house.

If you are still asking yourself, “Do I need rain gutters?”, this article is for you.

If your house doesn’t have a working gutter system, you will soon understand its importance. When rain falls and drenches everything, it can bring so much damage to your property. Once you do install rain gutters, you want to make sure that you are protecting your gutters at all costs.

What happens if you don’t have Gutters on your House?

When you don’t have rain gutters, the rainwater will be all over the place. It will damage your roof, the exterior walls and slowly seep in to cause further damage. Every time it rains, pools of water will accumulate around the foundation of your house and cause severe damage to your property.

You will soon find yourself spending thousands of dollars in repairing the damages, and (doing what you should have done in the beginning) installing rain gutters.

This is certainly a very horrible picture. I will stop painting it and talk about the benefits of rain gutters. 

Benefits of Rain Gutters:

There are many benefits of rain gutters. Some important ones are:

1. Increase Home Value:

If you are in the market for buying rain gutters, you already know that they cost a lot. In fact, buying rain gutters and installing them can cost thousands of dollars.

But, thanks to brilliant realtors and home inspectors, the buyers are becoming more informed. A buyer will always prefer a house with a good rain gutter system than one without it or with a damaged or rotting one.

Moreover, lenders don’t show interest in property that doesn’t have a working rain gutter system.

In simple words, rain gutters are an asset to your property. They wouldn’t do magic to get a great selling price, but they will be an important factor in increasing your home value.

2. Prevent Mold from Forming:

Rainwater can cause great decay and damage to your property. With increased moisture, the exterior of your house may grow mold. As the contamination grows, it will reach the drywall. The drywall then further expands mold. Mold is not easy to remove and may cause a great problem.

You can avoid mold by using rain gutters. The rain gutters will keep the water from damaging the exterior of your house.

3. Prevent House from Decay:

Moreover, sometimes, the roof and the exterior are not manufactured with water-proof material. In such a case, rainwater can damage your house by seeping in the foundation of the house. As a result, the structure will start to rot and ruin.

By using rain gutters, you can prevent your house from decay. The rain gutters will protect the roof and the exterior of the house from excessive water.

4. Protect the Basement from Flooding:

Without rain gutters, water will pool around your house and seep into the basement. This will cause basement flooding. 

If your house has a basement, you need to spend on rain gutters. One of the biggest benefits of rain gutters is that they direct the water away from the foundation of the house. 

5. Protect the Landscaping:

During heavy rains, pools of water will flow from your house. A lot of sand will keep washing away with it. This will cause erosion. Erosion will further weaken the foundation of the house.

To protect the landscape of the house, you will need rain gutters. Together the downspout and splash block will channel the water away from the foundation of your property and keep it from erosion.

6. Remove Insects:

As you may already know, standing water attracts all kinds of insects. With rainwater pooling around your house, you will find yourself surrounded by pests like mosquitos and termites.

They not only spread diseases but also cause a lot of damage to your property. 

By using rain gutters you can avoid water pools, so, they can be great to remove insects from around the house.

Summing Up Rain Gutters

There are many benefits of rain gutters. They keep your house, its exterior and its foundations safe from rain damage. No matter how delightful rain looks, it can cause great damage to the roof and foundation of your house. So, my friend, let me tell you no matter where you live, how much rain you get, it is wise to get rain gutters for your house. 

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